Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No Agua Para Mi

...woke up in my apartment to find NO water on. N-O- water. On a humid, 95 degree day this is catastrophic. It's super awesome to wake up and not be able to brush your teeth, shower, go potty, you know, wash your face, just little hygiene things like that. I packed a little travel kit- toothbrush, deoderant, face wash- and headed out to my local coffee ship! As I brushed my teeth in the bathroom, scared I would be caught for ignoring the "bathroom for customers only sign", I thought what a little adventure I'm having! So fun, so fresh, so DISGUSTING. Any public bathroom in New York, especially Brooklyn, is pretty much rancid. Anyways, ta-ta, off to the gym now to take a shower!

xoxo, Water Homeless

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