Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Meet Estefan...

...my new iPod touch...Just kidddddding, that's not really his name.
Anyhow- I LOVE this thing. Everyone keeps talking smack to me about it, that I should just get the iPhone, blah, blah, blah.
I was going to, OK? But between cancelling my contract with Verizon, getting the new phone, getting the plan I want, I would've been spending about $400 bucks and then be roped into an expensive new cell phone plan for 2 years.

The iPod touch is actually pretty awesome. The wireless works pretty much all the time in New York so its basically the iPhone without the camera (which is weak anyway bc it still doesn't have a flash) and the phone. I get all the same applications, have GPS, etc...It syncs to my computer so I can use my iCalender, get my Gmail, get my photos...

So yeah- this little cutie is DOPE. I would reccomend to anyone who lives in a large, condensed city- NOT LA- because honestly I get wireless everywhere yo.

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