Saturday, December 29, 2007

There Will Be OscarS

Saw "THERE WILL BE BLOOD" the other night with Christopher. This movie is unbelievably epic and badass. Daniel Day-Lewis is monstrously good, assuring that he will be nominated for yet another Oscar; his ability to transform into his characters is unmatchable. Paul Dano was also very impressive, and held his own against Lewis which is no small feat by any means. Anyhow, performances aside, the movie is two hours and forty five minutos, but it is captivating all the way through. I don't wanna give away any plot points but it's basically a character study of Lewis' greedy oil tycoon and his relationships, most notably, a combative one with Paul Dano's religious preacher. There is so much intellect going on in this movie as well it almost feels like you are reading one of those classic novels that are rich with symbolism, themes, etc...Anyway I can't praise this movie enough. Go check it out. ALSO the score by Johnny Greenwood from Radiohead, amazing as well.

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