Sunday, December 30, 2007

Best of 2007: La Musica

Yo yo yo, it's Dwight bitch, and here are my picks for the best albums of Mr. 2007 (please note: these ain't in order):

RADIOHEAD/IN RAINBOWS : First off, they started a revolution by offering the album in its entirety for free (or by donation). Second of all, this is their best album since Kid A in my opinion, maybe one of their all time bests. "All I Need" is one of the most haunting love songs I have heard in awhile. And nobody sings like Thom Yorke.

JUNIOR BOYS/SO THIS IS GOODBYE : This may have come out earlier than '07, but I don't give an F cause I just discovered it this year and it's A-mazing. "In The Morning" is one of the best songs ever about the morning after...a gross hookup...Anyway, this is a great CD to zone out to.

PETER, BJORN, AND JOHN/WRITER'S BLOCK : "Young Folks" aside, this album has two of the best breakup songs EVER on it and helped me get through some rough times. Check out "The Chills" and "Up Against A Wall". Bonus points for meeting them backstage at their concert.

KINGS OF LEON/BECAUSE OF THE TIMES : This was definately my album of the summer...well Coachella then into Summer..."On Call" and "Knocked Up" are amazing tracks. This album reminds me of pool days with Christine, sweaty dancing in the desert sun at Coachella, and laying on the beach.

INTERPOL/OUR LOVE TO ADMIRE : If you know me, you must know that Interpol is my favorite contemporary band. They did not dissapoint with album #3. Two of the songs remind me of my summer fling with a really great guy who shall go unnamed because he may read this shiz. "Pace is The Trick" and "The Lighthouse".

TEGAN AND SARA/THE CON : These tiny little Canadian lesbians are awesome. This album was produced by one of Death Cab for Cutie's members so it's got great hooks and melodies. This CD caught me a moment of liberation. Another great breakup record.

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