Thursday, October 4, 2007


*Glad to have Kevina back in mi vida (i.e. this means McDonald's Chicken McNuggets---I know who over the age of 8 still eats those- and milkshakes)

*My gym is amazing, especilly during the afternoon time when all the hot unemployed actors and models go and work on their sh*t- Viva 24 Hour Fitness Arclight!

*Apple Sauce is a really good subsitute for a substantial breakfast- except you have to eat 10 of them (again, I am eating like an 8 year old)

*I still love pugs, even the new addition to the family, the black monster. Here is a video that is entertaining to me and pug pervs alike:

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x said...

I miss u I'm typing this from my I phone in union square wish u were here