Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ridiculous I Know...

...but I really genuinely feel sorry for Britney Spears. I know she's a fuck up, but people are ripping her to shreds. Our fascination with destroying celebrities has gotten so vicious and Britney- albeit she does continue to do ridiculous things- seems to be the target of all of it. I guess I feel bad for Britney, but more for society. I know this is an argument that has been made over and over, but it's true- THERE IS A WAR GOING ON! South Korean and North Korean leaders are meeting finally. Phil Spector is shockingly and appallingly still an "innocent" man. These are stories. The fact that Briteny's kids got taken away is not something to be dissected and judged- it's a tragedy- no mother, no matter how unfit, enjoys having their children taken away from them by the law. But most importantly, this shouldn't be headline news. The #1 linked story on Yahoo news, and even the Drudge report. WTF.

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