Thursday, October 11, 2007

street fightS

So the past two nights have been high drama on Silver Ridge down on the sidewalk right beneath my window. Tuesday night, I was tucked in bed when I heard some crazy screaming, fighting match. I did what anyone else would do...turned off my fan (so i could hear) and cracked open my sliding glass door so I could listen in on the shit going down. I couldn't quite gather what was going on, but I did hear the following things...and these are pretty directed quotes: (WARNING this is explicit)
Latin Gay #1: "Why did you fuck me then?"
Latin Gay #2: "It was a mistake, I never will again. I'm just gonna go home and pull a trick online if that's what you want."
Latin Gay #2: "Your the one having sex with a minor. I'm gonna call the cops on your ass."
There was more screaming and then...I heard someone get shoved.
Latin Gay #1: "Don't you fucking touch me. I will kill you if you ever come back here again."
At this point, I was getting worried. Were my gay latins going to duke it out on the street? Anyway after that Latin Gay #2 walked down the street shouting "Don't worry, you'll never see this ass again" or something ridiculous like that. So that was night #1. Ok, now it gets weirder...Driving home at 9pm last night I noticed two houses down from mine a youngish boy with his shirt off sitting on the curb lighting something on fire. WTF!!!!?!?!?! In my rearview mirror, I see some guy run out of the house, pick up the boy, and drag him inside. Later that night, almost the same time, I hear shouting and screaming again. No way, it's them again, I think...again, turn off my fan and lay down on the floor near the opening of my screen. listening...
Latin Gay #2: I'm gonna fucking send you to jail. Call the cops on your ass. 2333 Silver Ridge right?
Latin Gay #1: Go ahead. Go ahead, I want to go to jail as long as I never have to see your ass again.
Latin Gay #2: Fine this is the last time you'll see me ever again.
THEN Gay #2 throws a glass at Gay #1 apparently and I hear it shatter all over the street. At this point, I turned into grandma Dwight and slammed open my sliding door and screamed "there are dogs living on this street you idiots, don't throw glass on the street."
That was it. Never heard a peep. Just heard Latin Gay #2 drive away. So I still have no idea what the drama was all about. Rape. Younger gays lighting things on fire. I wonder if I'll hear from them again tonight...

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