Tuesday, October 9, 2007

List of Things I Want To Do This Year...

*Travel Internationally...I'm thinking on the far-fetched end of things- India, Brazil, Peru, Iceland, Tokyo somewhere along those lines...On the more realistic end of things- Barcelona, Greece, New York

*Travel Domestically...with Kevina...if all goes according to plan, Kevina and I will be hitting up your small town soon in our little road trip adventure the great big US of A on our way to Mrs. Williamson's new digs

*Stop smoking...it's gotten better, but better is not good enough...Aye, I think I need the patch

*Read more...classics and Stephen King books

*Book some acting jobs...it's been too damn long...I keep getting closer and closer- always get to the final callback...but still, no dice

*Pimp My Ride...I tinted the windows, now I want to white out the lights, call me Chola if you will

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