Sunday, August 12, 2007

sleep depriveD

so as many as you know i started my new job last week. good, really good, $$$, but awful hours. i'm talking 7pm-4am. kinda crazy. i actually really like the gig though. i'm an assistant editor for a new mtv dating show (this one's actually entertaining, trust) and basically my job is to get everything prepped for the editor- digitizing footage, timelining, grouping footage, etc...anyway it's actually kind of chill because most of the time you wait around for stuff to be done so i've gotten to get a lot of reading done. just finished stephen king's "the stand" which is fucking excellent.

anyhow...yeah so did that this week, stayed up late on friday night :), and then worked on saturday again. then i came home last night and ended up drinking a bottle of wine while watching some movie's with the roomies. today i have a reading for my friend's pilot "homeroom" and then monday is a big audition, so wish me luck. But yeah- after the reading tonight I think I need to sleep...

working at night is very odd, i feel like a ghost in my own apartment. i see the remnants of chris and steve's activities from the night. the only person i see during the work week is pug. i need to get acting stuff soon, all this sacrifice better pay off.

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