Saturday, August 25, 2007

Fa Fa Face Book Ya'll

Friendster is a ghost town. MySpace is slowly dying. Facebook is currently the creme-de-la-creme of the social networking sites. A couple reasons why.

1) Screenshots: How fucking fun is this?

Little doodles that you can post on your friends "wall". Some of my friends like Shallon have mastered the art of this and are pretty elaborate in their artistic endeavors with this application. Mine, are pretty entry-level. Example A: (sent to my sister)

2) Newsfeed!: Duh, this is what made Facebook get all bigtime in the first place. Basically, you are updated everytime someone in your friends list or your "network" makes a change to their site, makes a comment, adds a photo, etc...We are all voyeours, the internet makes it easier, Facebook makes it easiest.

3) Grow-a-gift: While I may be weak sauce at graffitti, I have mastered this application by bombarding everyone I know with an egg. You can basically send an egg or an ungrown plant to your friends and then it grows. Sounds weird, but its kind of fun. I like sending eggs especially because the receiver doesn't know wtf its going to grow into or wtf is going on. Plus look at all these crazy little animals that it could become. A porcupine, how off the chain!

4) Games: Um, I don't understand the Vampire and Pirate games at all and I think its kind of strange and juvenile, BUT I dig the more simple stuff like "Scrabulous!" (Scrabble + Fabulous= get it?) It's awesome. You can play with any of your friends. As you can see I'm getting my ass kicked.

Anyway viva la Facebook for now until the next thing comes along.

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