Monday, December 14, 2009


The top 5 most played songs on my iPod this past week...

1) Rihanna "Rude Boy"- My obsession continues with Rihanna's new album. This song has a nice twisted beat and is a good workout song. Her website is also badass.

2) Live Footage "1976 II"- A band I saw in Williamsburg (thanks Ben!)- this is real beautiful, thought provoking orchestral music.

3) Thom Yorke "Hearing Damage"- Yes, it's a song on the new Twilight movie soundtrack, but this song is soooooooooooo dope. It makes me feel like I'm in slow motion when I listen to it.

4) Pete Yorn + Scarlet Johansen "Clean"- A really nice, positive break-up song. If such a thing exists :)

5) MGMT "Kids"- An oldie, but goodie. The lyrics on this one apply to a particular person no longer in my life pretty well. Their website rules.

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