Tuesday, December 1, 2009

my new age nightmare

ever since the breakup, i've been having sort of awful dreams, or nightmares rather. BUT last night, I had a really really pleasant dream. it's going to sound terribly new agey and cheesy when i describe it, but it was all about light and energy. basically i was in a room with nothing but a mirror and darkness. the mirror lit up with light and energy as i moved towards the mirror. i placed my hand against the mirror and the light exploded onto my head and channelled through my body.

omg this sounds so ridiculous, but i will continue...

so then i laid down in the dark room and i had- this is wierd to describe- like light in my eyes. so when i focused my eyes on the ceiling or my arm or the wall or whatever, it lit up with piercing sunlight.

anyhow, i'll take these kind of dreams any day over the nightmares. it left me with a residual feeling of warmth which i'll take over waking up in a cold sweat.

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