Sunday, March 29, 2009

the east

im starting to wonder if new york is the place for me.

maybe this is exactly what i need. to challenge myself, to gain self confidence, to find my own way. everything in california was easy. i grew up there, have my family there, and i knew just about everyone.

there are just things i can't deny i miss, people and places i miss.

this last week was real tough. roommate situation, work overload, and financial woe. it can only go up from here and im determined to make sure it does.

i love this city, and as tough as it is sometimes, there is a lot to love. i love the summer, i love the energy, i love the attitude, i love the subway, i love grafitti, i love walking, i love seeing new faces 24 hours a day, i love the new friendships i've made...

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David 2.0 said...

Sometimes life is is not all black and white... and sometimes in the hardest times we find the most simplistic answers.

It sounds like you really do love NY- so give it a a chance. The universe gives you challenges to help you filter out your direction and question your goals. Maybe all these challenges lately were happening to clean your pallet for even better things to come. Trust in what the world is doing and never lose faith, there is always a greater plan.

Remember everything happens for a reason.

LA will always be here- think more about what you are doing to seize the day with NY. When I hear you talk about the city, its with passion and admiration. Hardly the talk of someone ready to leave. you know what's right for you though- what does your gut say?

Chin up young people! Im sure you will make the best decision.