Saturday, February 7, 2009

La Musica en Esto Momento

My Spanish is horrible (clearly) BUT these songs are not! Here are my 3 songs for the week (in no particular order yo):

1) Ladyhawke "Another Runaway"- I remember reading that Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan loved this chick, so I was like no thank you. Then my friend sent me a few songs, and I was hooked! So good, so 80's, so My Little Pony.

2) Akon "Right Now (Na Na Na)"- I couldn't really tell you why I have such affinity for this song. The geniusness of the lyrics? No. The sex appeal of Akon? No. The seriously addictive chorus? Es possible.

3) Peter, Bjorn, and John "The Chills"- Oldie- sorta, but goodie. This song does, literally, give me the chills. I love these guys.

1 comment:

hilary said...

omg dwight, i am obsessed with the that akon song!! and his new one "beautiful". i think his songs contain waves of crack or else to explain the addictions! haha