Sunday, January 25, 2009

ups and down

i figure i've been here almost a year so things should be more settled than they are, but i also figure i live in one of the most unpredictable, intense, beautifully destructive cities in the whole wide world. Conclusion: I figure I'm at where I'm at and I'm sort of into the love/hate feelings I have towards this city. Today was all LOVE. It was one of those New York days that doesn't happen anywhere else, especially not Los Angeles. It's days like this where I feel like there is nothing like New York day when it actually pans out. Freezing, yes, but amazing nevertheless. Woke up with Sean next to me after a weird, strange, fun, night on the UWS. Convinced to meet Kylee out in the E Village for a freezing, yet delicious breakfast at Prune. Then walked, head down, i-pod on to Jesse's birthday- burgers and champagne- at McDonald's!!! Only stayed for a few, met up with Walton at Whole Foods. Took the busted ass L back to Williamsburg. Drank a wine/coffee at Woodley & Bunney, saw my crush- Andy-, took a bath, and then had a rad dinner at Sea with W and Tebree.

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