Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Mixtape '08

2008 is ending in a few weeks, so I thought I'd get started on my best of 2008 picks, starting with music.

Favorite NEW Band of the Year:
Cut Copy. I know they aren't technically new, but Andrew introduced them to me when I went back to LA last spring for a quick visit. Since then, I still can't get enough of "Ghost Colors", their most recent album. I saw them in concert with Christine and Josh and it was sickkkkkk. If you are a fan of synth-pop, 80's, New Order, Interpol, or like to dance this is your jam.

Most Played Song on my iTunes: With 50 plays, Tokyo Police Club's "Nature of the Experiment" is way ahead of (this is embarrasing), 35 plays of Madonna's "Miles Away".

Best Subway Music:
Well if its on the way to work, definately Kings of Leon. And if it's going out (usually on my iPod shuffle) I'm gonna go for Cut Copy or Crystal Castles.

Scariest Show of the Year: Went to Crystal Castles at Studio B in Williamsburg and was scared. Too many hipster lesbians and scary crackheads. It was like that opening strobe light scene in Blade.

And finally here's my top 10 albums of the year...Ranked in Order 'G. I suggest buying these or asking me to send them to you illegally immediately:

1) Cut Copy- In Ghost Colours
2) M83- Saturdays=Youth
3) Kanye West- 808 and Heartbreak (I know random, but seriously I kind of love this CD)
4) Crystal Castles- Self-titled
5) Kings of Leon- Only By The Night
6) Any Rihanna (dude, she has so many songs I like)
7) TV on the Radio- Dear Science (The first album I've heard of theirs that is not annoying)
8) Lykke Li- Youth Novels
9) M.I.A.- Arular (this may have been out in 2007, but whatevz it's my list bitch)
10) Britney- Circus (It's not even good except for the title track, but I'm happy she's back and not INSANE)

Best Concert of the Year: RADIOHEAD. All Points West. Life Changing.

Peace out.

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