Sunday, November 30, 2008


Kathie (mom) and I went to see TWILIGHT last night in OC. I think we both felt the same: a little bored, but enjoyed the film overall.


*Um, Robert Pattinson. Seriously- he is ridiculously handsome AND I think gave a great performance. He has to carry some of the cheesiest dialogue in the film, but does it with a sincerity and commitment not seen from most young actors. I'd take him over Zac Efron any day yo.

*The Setting- Forks, wherever it was filmed, was gorgeous. Luscious, cold, and beautiful. Also, the Cullens house was unreal- reminescent of a Frank Lloyd Wright house.

*Music- Totes emo. The closing credits even had Radiohead.

*LOVED LOVED LOVED the ending where the bad vampire lady is walking down a staircase eyeing the camera with a vengeful glare.


*Too many closeups of Bella and Edward whilst they talked. It made me SUPER uncomfortable and was sort of perv.

*No action. The middle of the film hit a HUGEASS lull where nothing except extreme close-ups, quivering lips, and horrid dialogue occurs. Finally, Bella visits the Cullen's house and things finally picked up nicely.

*Bella. For some reason I found her much more identifiable in the book. Kristin Stewart is beautiful and looks the part, but I think she has too much attitude and isn't all that relatable. In fact, she has this elitist attitude which I found to be super unattractive.

*Special effects. Sucked. When Edward "glistens" in the sun I started laughing.


SO overall, a mixed bag. But if you're a fan of the books (as I am- at least of the first 3, the 4th is trag in a bag) you will enjoy the film. I think the sequel will be a lot better now that the first film is such a success. Bigger budget!!!

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