Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sarah Palin is the Britney Spears of Politics

...and I will tell you why.

Medicority has become what America expects from both its pop stars and politicians. Both Sarah and Britney exude the same level of knowledge, performance skills, and overall appeal to the great US of A audience.

Neither Britney nor Sarah write their own materal. Britney's attempts at songwriting resulted in the comi-tragic "Dear Diary" and when Sarah Plain (freudian slip?) is left to her own devices she can't even give Katie Couric an example of a newspaper she was fond of back in her journalism major daze (another slip).

Both talk about God a lot. Britney thanked God probably, like, 5 times at the VMA's- every award she was given was because of God. Palin believes our "war" in Iraq is "god's will" and is an avid supporter of creationism. Now I have no problem with God, but God is not giving you an award Britney and God did not send us to war Sarah. I did my fair share of Sunday school and since when does God advocate VMA's and wars?

Britney and Sarah are not a fan of car seats and proper safety etiquette for car riding babies. Britney and Sarah were both cited for holding their babies on their laps while driving. DUH.

Both Britney and Sarah are processed, more caricatures of themselves than actual real living human beings- well at least until Britney let it all hang out- cheetoh's, shaved head, and umbrella attacks- but for awhile she resided in the similar media bubble Palin is enjoying at the moment. I have a feeling Palin is also batshit crazy. You can see it in her eyes.

Lastly- look at them!!!
They are twinsies. They both have that plain-ass, midwest, burnette everyday hotness. (Britney is much cuter in my humbled, gay opinion).

Now in Britney's defense, she is an entertainer, and entertain she does. I used to be (maybe still am?) a big fan of her music/videos/performances. Palin is equally entertaining, but to me a politician should not be entertaining. A politician should have some level of seriousness and gravitas, of which, Palin has none. Tina Fey's most recent skit cits Palin as "adorable", which is true, but I don't want a clueless, albeit adorable, politician. I want someone versed, knowledged, polished, and clued-in the world beyond the microcosm of Alaska and the greater cosm of the United States.

America is on the verge of crumbling (if it hasnt already) and to have someone like Palin even in the running, even being considered for our next Vice President is truly, truly, frightening.

Anyhow- advice to Palin- once your political career crumbles after this election, you should release a single. I'm sure it would be just as good as "Baby, One More Time" or "Toxic".

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