Wednesday, September 3, 2008


When I turned on the news last weekend to the announcement that Sarah Palin would be VP pick for the Republican party, my heart dropped. Immediately, I knew that the Republicans had just dropped their secret weapon.

The Republican's not only took away any sense of afterglow for Obama's campiagn by creating a media frenzy, but they basically have irresponsibly chosen someone unfit that is literally a heartbeat away from becoming the president.

That last part scares me to death. Sarah Palin (or McCain for that matter) cannot be our next President. Sarah Palin did not even have a passport two years ago and had never traveled internationally. In a time where America has lost it's worldwide influence and respect, this is truly an insulting choice. Not to mention, in her world, she would like to teach creationism in schools, overturn Roe vs. Wade, and continue to champion gun rights. Awesome.

Anyhow, this is truly frightening. Some people are saying it really livens up the race and is exciting. I actually find it to be a killjoy and scary.

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