Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Jake's Plan

Jake, one of my favorite people left on this apocolypse-headed planet (kiddin, sorta) im'ed me today with his 4 step life plan. I think its pretty much mine too.

JAKE: you should join me in my plan:

ME: which is.

a) start making a living as a musician (you'll have to choose something else, i guess). it's not about making TONS of money, just enough to get by reasonably, and set a little aside. i plan to tour four months a year, spend two in fire island (late summer), two in vieques (mid-winter), and the other writing/recording/working on photography.

b) save enough money to start buying cheap property in second world countries such as india, brazil, eastern europe, etc.)

ME: ha

c) reach a point by around 40 - 45 years of age where you don't have to do much of anything anymore, and have spent the last 10-15 year doing something great and not working too hard

d) i'm being 100% serious

ME: omg im positing ur plan on my blog

JAKE: i didn't spell check it
anyhow, when i've bought and sold apartment complexes that i bought for nothing in bangalore, you'll be wishing you'd joined me


JAKE: i'll be one of those sleazy, american, capitalist slumlords who buys these buildings, kicks everyone out, keeps them empty, and then sells when the price is right to people who will no doubt tear them down, erect culturally insignificant replacements that force the poor farther and farther into oblivion

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