Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Some quotes from the blogs...

"There's no way that that was only a 5.8 earthquake!!!!
I live in Temple City, Ca and I was almost knocked out
of my chair. It was like I moved sideways (east) and then
moved west.BY FEET. Yikes! I thought that a semi hit
my house, My cats were doing somersaults."
-Victoria, Diamond Bar

SOMERSAULTS? You don't say Victoria...

"That one got my attention... Lots of creaking and rolling. Dogs got excited..."
-Torrance Home Owner, Torrance (Duh)

Dog's excited? Perv...

"It hit like a bomb here in Long Beach. My Yukon was bouncing. Neighbors driveway cracked in several places."
-Mike, Long Beach

Is it just me or are all Californian's sounding like hillbillies?

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