Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Text: The Sequel...

(part is the previous post)

Weird, I guess all I had to do was bitch and moan on my blog and then wa-la, I get a text from you at 9:57pm.

YOU: What a crazy day! Thanks again for stopping by Sunday. It was cool talking to you :)

A) You didn't answer my question and

B) Your sly little flirtation is cute, but not like...hey I can't wait to see you again or something along those lines.


BlogThis said...

see you know if you sent me a text - i'll answer - i love the bed and i hope NY is good for you - enjoy yourself ! much love

Shallon said...

hm i wonder if we have a crush on the same guy. cause pretty sure i texted "come over tonight and eat easter candy with me" to my hook up and what'd i get? FUCKING NOTHING DWIGHT. Fcking nothing. STILL.

I hate people. But you, you I love.