Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hot or Not

...a listy...

*Eastern Bloc- bar in LES...I continue to wait for my Viggo Mortenson (younger of course)
*Pug in NY
*My new Triple 5 Soul Jacket (got it for 85, was 300) DEAL!
*Dropping my laundry off for 10 bucks and having it washed, dried, folded.
*Walking. It's rad. You should try it sometime.
*Guest starring on friends reality TV shows.

*Being stuck on the L underwater. Dead halt for 15 minutes. No joke son.
*The constant baselines dropping from the cars in my hood right outside my window. ALL. NIGHT. LONG.
*My armpits sweat more here. I know, gross. Sorry.
*Um, Facebook. Over. Dead. Beyond.

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--> said...

I love Eastern Block. What a great bar. And I got a Trip 5 Soul jacket when I was there in October...I wonder if its the same one...