Thursday, December 13, 2007

Best of the 07: Movies

Well here it is, December, and only a few weeks of movies left. I've decided to jump the gun and go ahead and make my picks for the best flicks of '07. The one's coming up in the next few weeks don't seem that promising (i.e. The Golden Compass, Charlie Wilson's War, BORING), so here are mine for 2007.

3:10 TO YUMA: I know, I know, this seems like an odd choice. However, I can't think of a movie this year that had me entertained all the way through this much. It was funny, exciting, and shockingly moving (I cried wtf). The acting was superb, and Russell Crowe re-established himself as one of the best out there.

ATONEMENT: Sweeping epic that is masterfully shot, wonderfully acted, and riveting plotwise for its entirety. Props to Kiera Knightley for becoming appealing to me for the very first time and to James McAvoy for being one of the most convincing and realistic romantic leads I have seen in a long time. I'm not usually into period romances, but this one doesn't have any stuffiness that usually comes with the genre; rather, it's fast-paced, interesting, and like any romantic drama, devastatingly tragic and moving.

ACROSS THE UNIVERSE: I know more people who hated this movie then loved or liked it, but I LOVED it. Yes, it had its flaws; weak storylines, too long of a running time, and a lot of cheese. HOWEVER, it also has some of the most visually stunning and inventive musical sequences I have ever seen in a movie.

EASTERN PROMISES: This movie is badass. It also has a vicious nude fight scene starring my favorite Viggo. Duh this is on my list. Viggo nude aside, the film is pretty good too.

28 WEEKS LATER: The first one was great, but this is great in a totally different way. I was completely horrified by the implications of this movie. It's about zombies, but also about what happens when society falls apart and is under military dictatorship. It's exciting, thought provoking, and the effects are pretty wild (and disgusting too).

THE SAVAGES: A wickedly hilarious dramedy about two estranged siblings who are reunited as they have to deal with their dying father. Phillip Seymour Hoffman continues to rock my socks off everytime I see him in anything, he is truly the best actor's actor out there. Laura Linney is brilliant as well. If you like black comedies, you'll love this shiz.

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