Friday, October 26, 2007


So with all the toxicity from the fires hanging over Los Angeles, I was thinking about emergency preparedness kits. These were all the rage in the 80's/early 90's when CA was having a lot of big quakes. So I thought I'd come up with an Emo Emergency Prepardness Kit. These can be sold at Urban Outfitters. Here's whats in mine:

*Case of bottle Fiji water- hey as the world implodes, you might as well drink overpriced, but well marketed bottled water
*Sour patch kids- who wants to eat canned beans if you're about to die- I'd rather eat these wild little fella's
*Books- a huge classic like "Tale of Two Cities" or "The Fountainhead"- something long
*A Discman!!! Yes, a discman. It runs on batteries and also means MIX CD's!
*Black hoodie- just for emo looks as the world burns
*Cheetos's- again, junk food! No one cares about weight gain in the apocolypse.
*Starbucks canned drinks- you never know when you're gonna need that extra pick me up to run like hell
*The Game of Life- since you now don't have one and are on emergency lockdown, you might as well simulate one in my favorite game ever!

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