Sunday, September 16, 2007

Party TimE

Me Xtine, Peace!

Oded and Steven.

Best roommate picture ever.
The one and only Fella and Xtine.

A bunch of us. Luke looking extra sexy.

Chris and Christine.

Chris, Delia, and ME/

Drunk peeps, including Jason, Xtine, Chris, and me making ugly face.
Dan, Delia, and Andrew.

Delia, Andrew, Oded.

Too drunk to face the camera.
Christine and her co-workers.

Christine, Sarah, and her hot boyfriend.

Christine's party was a shit show for the ages. No, it was fun, loads of drama (mostly self created), but loads of fun. Here are some fotografias.

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BlogThis said...

who is that retard Oded/? what kind of a party was it anyway = good thing you blocked the address.