Friday, August 17, 2007

I'm LOVING It...

What I'm lovin' right now...
*Summer. Between Christine, the beach, the boys, hawaii, the Roosevelt, summer '07 has been pretty darn spectacular.

*My job (well at least the $$$ part of it- the hours blow). At the end of the month I'll be richer than I ever have in the past 4 years probably. Then I'll probably buy a lot of stupid frivolous stuff and it will all be gone.

*Interpol. I can't stop. Tracks 1-8 over and over. This happens every time they put out an album. It hasn't left my car CD player yet.

*My new bedframe!!! I bought this b*tch off the "Tori and Dean" shoot I worked on because we damaged it so I got a real good price. It's probably, or rather is, waaay too large for my bedroom, but having a king size bed is heaven. OH and I love my hospital green sheets. (PS those are NOT my sheets or comforter or room)

*Acting. Even though it's been tough, I finally feel like I'm all organized and ready to take it to the next level. I hope. Got my headshots, got a rad manager, and I am ready to get some work!


BlogThis said...

there is christine again

x said...

Dwight, first let me say that summer 07 will go down as one of my favorite 3 month periods in my entire life. amazing it was.

Now to address blogthis - what's the BEEF BROTHER? here i am: christine. Christine christine christine. are we going to take this out of the blogosphere or what