Monday, August 20, 2007

Brother of the Week

There's only one and he's pretty much as good as it gets in the sibling departmet. Smart, responsible, creative, caring, blah blah it goes on and on- everything I'm not. Kidding! (Well maybe I was right about the responsibility part). Plus all my friends (boys and girls) are in love with him. Anyway he's a great guy and I am proud to be his brother.

Your life motto: be be excited.

A monument you would like to have a view of from your bedroom: i would have to agree with you on the pyramids. but i don't know if i'd want a bunch of egyptians running around, do they have to come too?

An artist you highly respect: living: feric dead: munch

Celebrity crush?: dwight armstrong, from 'dude where's my car' ... he's so sexy

Last legit book you read: the fuck up, unbearable lightness of being

If you could punch someone in the face: tyra banks

If you could makeout with someone (in the face): ew

If your house was burning and you could only rescue three things: camera, computer, myself? sorry that's boring but true haha

George Bush is a...role model for all of us

3 words how you think describe what other people think of you: amazing, fantastic, genius, ahead of his time, bundles of joy, etc.

Your biggest fear?: death

How do you envision yourself at age 75?: cryogenically frozen

If supernaturaul things existed, what would be scarier: Vampires or Ghosts?: vampires!

Christianity is ...not my cup of tea

A moment you achieved absolute happiness: well, there was this one time...oh wait, that never happened.

Would you rather be blind or deaf? deaf x10000

If you had to choose one person to be stranded on a desert island
with, who and why?
i hate this question

If you could have one superpower what would it be? invisible

Would you rather have a night of hot sex or a night of eating the
best foods in the world?
what is "hot sex"

Heaven or hell? "...believe in neither, but fear them as well"

Favorite memory with ME (i'm such an egotist): when you and drew sat on the escalator at fashion island and forgot to stand up at the bottom, and it sucked you in ripping off your underwear. i remember you were crying, and then you turned around your pants were still on but your butt was hanging out all red from hole it ripped out. good times ;)

Worst memory with ME: buddy boy! buddy boy!

If you could hop on a plane right now, where would you go and with who?: southeast asia with my camera


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